Nanjing Metro Big Expansion Starts Next Year; Line 5 Need Wait

The Nanjinger - metro-line-5-jianning-road-station

The extent of Nanjing’s state-of-the-art metro network has remained at a stagnant 10 lines for some time now. That is all set to change beginning next year, as a slew of new lines and extensions to existing lines begin to open. Those awaiting Line 5 have just 2 more years to go.

Beginning in 2020, construction of the Nanjing Metro enters its final phase that leads to completion of the entire system sometime around 2030. First up, next year shall see the second extension to line 1 begin operation; from Maigaoqiao north, to Yanziji on the banks of the Yangtze River.

Then, 2021 is the big year, with the extension to line 2 (Luotang Jie to Yuzui), line 7 and, it is hoped, line 5, slated to open.

As a backbone running north-south and taking in much of downtown Nanjing, the general public’s attention is focused on Metro Line 5, since its completion will effectively relieve the present traffic pressure in the area. According to passenger forecasts, the initial average daily passenger flow on Metro Line 5 will be 643 thousand, rising to 1.214 million by 2045.

The construction of Metro Line 5 has been a bit of a nightmare, involving environmentally sensitive locations such as nature reserves, forest parks and wetland protection areas. The line also passes through the Qinhuai River flood control area and the Confucius Temple scenic spot, while there have been additional challenges in bypassing more than 20 protected cultural relics.

Vehicles for Line 5 are being jointly produced by Nanjing Puzhen Vehicle Factory, CSR Group and Alstom, while finance for the project comes from property developer, the Greenland Group, which has invested in return for the rights to associated property development along the route. 

According to Metro Report International, the first of 50 six-car trainsets for Metro Line 5 are due to be delivered at the end of next month.

In 2022, it is line S4 which shall be opened next, notable on account that it shall be one of the metro links to and from the new Nanjing North Railway Station, a high-speed rail hub like its southerly, larger sister, located in Pukou District. The station shall also be served by lines 3, 4 and S11. The latter is worthy of mention as it shall link Nanjing North Railway Station and Nanjing Lukou International Airport, in only 40 minutes.

Finally, we look forward to 2023, when lines 6, 9, 11 and S6 shall open to passengers. At such time, the Nanjing Metro network shall consist of 17 lines.