Nanjing Does the Time Warp; Live Halloween Shadow Performance

Rocky Horror

Are you wondering what to do tonight? Frightened to stay at home alone, in case the ghosts come out? Then get yourself downtown for a free night of Rocky Horror Picture Show fun.

Nanjing hereby welcomes the newly established Wild Untamed Nanjing troupe, performing their first show tonight at Tap Planet.

The Nanjing theatre group is dedicated to “Shadowcasting”, wherein a group of actors perform in front of a screen, while a movie itself plays on the background; the actors shadows are cast shadows on the screen. Tonight’s live performance will cast shadows on the screen while plays the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“The performers [of Wild Untamed Nanjing] are teachers, students, theatre artists and members of the expat and Chinese community, all with a love for art and a desire to try something different!”, cast member Alyssa Cokinis told The Nanjinger.

Tonight’s complete cast comprises Chandler Webster (as Brad), Jasmin Groom (as Janet), Ben McClymont (as Dr. Frank-N-Furter), Sean Hendrickson (as Eddie/Dr. Scott), Violet Chai (as Magenta), Aimen Najam (as Columbia), Kate Washburne (as Criminologist), Patrick Phelps (as Rocky) and theatre artist Cokinis (as Riff Raff).

“It all began a few weeks ago when some of us sat down to watch the movie for the sake of watching the movie around Halloween time, and here we are, with a growing ensemble! [For] the performance on Halloween the 31st, we will be in costume and ready for audience interaction. Be prepared for our ‘Virgin Games’ to begin the night!”, Cokinis said.

Wild Untamed Nanjing is aiming to perform once a month at various locations around Nanjing, so those interested in live shadowcasting performances are advised to stay tuned!

While tonight’s show is not child-friendly, the performers hope that those present will enjoy the show. “We’re shivering with anticipation about performing for an audience! Let’s do the time warp again!”

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Renée Gray Beaumont
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